Implementation Accounting Signoff

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Lets us know how well you... *

I got itGood EnoughWhat is this?
How well your accounting requirements were understood and documented
Analytic Accounts imported (job cost codes)
Products imported
Open vendor invoices are entered
Open customer invoices are entered
General ledger is accurate
Job costs/revenues are accurate
Subcontracts are entered and accurate
Customer and vendor payments have been entered and are accurate
I understand how to reconcile my bank statements
I know how to print financial statements
How well can you enter a journal entry
I can print checks
I can send ACH payments (if applicable)
I know how to access and print the important accounting reports
I know how to record a bank transfer


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In Accounting, we can set up and manage... *

YesNeed more practice/trainingNoN/A for us
Accounts in the Chart of Accounts
Journals (subledgers)
Bank Accounts
Sales & Use Taxes
Master Product list
Master Analytic Accounts
Manage Payment Terms

In Accounting, we can operate and understand the workflow of... *

YesNeed more practice/trainingNoN/A for us
Navigating the Accounting application and its Dashboard
Journal Entries
Importing Bank/Credit Card Statement
Bank/Credit Card Statement Reconciliation
Recording a Bank Transfer
Entering Standard Customer invoices (unrelated to customer contracts)
Recording Customer Payments and applying to Customer Invoices and Applications for Payment
Working with Batch Deposits for cash receipts
Recording Miscellaneous payments and receipts
Entering Vendor Invoices
Entering Vendor CREDIT Invoices and applying them to standard vendor invoices
Recording Payments on Vendor Invoices and printing related checks
Generating vendor payment "ACH" transactions/files for upload to your bank
Generating and Printing Aging Reports
Generating and Printing Financial Statements