Lets Get Clarification

RFIs (Requests for Information) are used to get clarification on information that is not contained or inferred in the contract documents such as:  

  • Design clarification or requests
  • Requests for design changes or substitutions.
  • Differing site conditions
  • Issues related to constructibility

01. Easy to create 

Quickly enter, manage and track RFIs with an easy to enter online form.

02. EASY collaboration

Send your RFIs to design or engineering professional allowing them to collaborate quickly.

03. EASY to share

All RFIs are available in reports and on the project portal available for all project stakeholders to view and access.

Easily manage and distribute important project RFIs with stakeholders so that everyone is up to date.

Step 1: Create RFI

Easily create an RFI by filling out the details in the form

The RFI form allows you to enter the Question and Proposed solution. It can be linked to drawings or specifications.  Attachments of almost any type can be dragged to the form to save and distribute with the RFI.

Step 2: Send for collaboration

Once entered the RFI is sent for collaboration.

The RFI review team received and email with general details about the RFI and a link to access the RFI in the Project Portal, where they can view, download and collaborate on the RFI.

Step 3: Share and communicate details

Once complete the RFI can be communicated to the project stakeholders via email or the project portal.

In the project portal, anyone with access can view the RFIs and all related attachments and conclusions. No additional license is required.

Learn more about the other project management features by watching the detailed videos below.