Project Management 

Contractors need solutions that meet their needs.

Until now, the full featured project management solutions were priced so that only the big contractors could afford them.  Time for a change!

  • Collaboration
  • Project Analysis
  • Document Management
  • Shared Project Information
  • Customizable
Twenty20 Project Management

Twenty20 Project Management makes it easy to organize, track and collaborate on projects through...

Simplified Collaboration

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Detailed Project Analysis

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Project Transparency

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Customization to meet your Needs

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Learn more about the other project management features by watching the detailed videos below.

Successful projects have things in common

that help guarantee their success

Easy Collaboration

Every project document has a process that it goes through to track it progress.  We call that a "Workflow". The workflows are customizable and can include things like sending emails, requesting information, routing for approval and managing document status.

  • Easily route important documents for approval
  • Send notifications automatically when documents are updated.
  • Request collaboration from stakeholders.
  • Quickly provide important project information to stakeholders.

Detailed Project Analysis

Get the information you need to make decisions faster and to keep your project on schedule and on budget. With our analysis reports you can search, filter, group, sort to get the data just how you like it.  All analysis reports can be saved as a favorite for future ease of use.

  • Cost analysis reports
  • Revenue analysis reports
  • Work in Progress reports
  • Print to PDF and export to excel

Easily Share with Stakeholders

With the Twenty20 project portal, you control who can view your projects by issuing project collaborator users to your project stakeholders.  You can control what aspects of the project they can view and access.

With the portal you can control view access to:

  • Daily Logs, RFIs, Submittals and other project documents
  • Drawing and specification logs
  • Project revenue including customer contracts and change orders
  • Project costs including subcontracts, purchase orders, change orders, and related invoices.

Customizable to Your Needs

We know that although contractors do things similarly, there are many things that are unique. Twenty20 has a fully customizable solution. We are able to...

  • Create new functionality or remove existing functions
  • Modify entry forms and reports
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Develop new solutions that will integrate with Twenty20

Project Management is fully integrated

with Accounting, Estimating and CRM