Project Meetings

Record, organize and track important tasks and discussions.

Document active and past meetings, plan follow-up actions, and schedule future meetings. 

  • Invite and track attendees
  • Document tasks, to-do's and issues
  • Next meeting will have open items from the previous
  • Send out meeting minutes or access in the project portal
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01. Easily organize meetings

Create a new meeting based on the previous meetings with a single click. All open tasks as carried over.

02. Minutes distribution

Send meeting minutes via email with PDF attachments or stakeholder's access via the project portal.

03. visibility on project portal

The project portal makes it easy for stakeholders to access and see all of the important project details.

Project meetings makes it easy to track issues, tasks, and discussions about the events that are happening on the project.


Step 1: Create a meeting 

A new meeting will have all the open tasks from the previous meeting.

Discussions about topics, issues, and tasks are all logged and tracked with date and time giving you a complete trail of the important items that are happening on your project and how you are dealing with them.

Step 2: Add tasks and to-do items

The subcontractor will receive an email requesting that they upload their submittal details.

Once uploaded and verified by the Project Manager, the submittal will be sent for review to the design team that was specified on the submittal.

Step 3: Sharing and distribution

The project portal allows access to all project stakeholders that have been given security access to submittals.

In the portal, the stakeholders can view the submittals and their related information and attachments.  Viewers can also see the audit trail of the submittal, ball-in-court, and status of the submittal.

There is no additional license required for submittal collaborators.