Daily Logs

Track everything!

Twenty20 Daily Logs makes it easy to log and track all the details of your projects. You still need to manage employees, attendance and time, requests for time off, expense reports, equipment and its related maintenance, and the list goes on...  

  • Weather
  • Time & Attendance
  • Subcontractors & Visitors onsite
  • Job site photos, issues and delays
  • More
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01. Track field operations

Easily document all of the important activities, issues, delays and tasks that happened.

02. reduce risk

Documenting all the major events of your job increases accountability and reduces risk.

03. Easy distribution

Send logs via email with a PDF attached, or give the stakeholders access to view them in the project portal.

Keep project stakeholders up to date with important daily activity and progress of the project.

Twenty20 Daily Logs

Track your field operations for accountability

We have made it easy to track all the important information and activity on your job site. Once collected it is easily shared via email or our favorite... the project portal.


Get the current weather conditions with a single click.


Track the time of your crew, available to job cost and payroll.

photos & Attachments

Add any file or photo to your daily logs that are easily distributed.


Track subcontractors on site and show "Do not proceed" contractors that have not executed their agreements.

materials & Equipment

Track the materials and equipment that are on the job site

issues & notes

Keep track of important issues and notes that related to the job today.

Share and distribute easily

Daily logs can be set to email the the stakeholders, or simply give them access to the project portal where they can access any information about the job you have given them access to view.

Learn more about the other project management features by watching the detailed videos below.