2018.42 Release Notes

Enhancement/Bug Fixes


  • Vendor W9 Added to the list view

    Project Management

    • Sequences: Editable by security group

    • Submittal "Related Package" field now linking to packages

    • Submittal Create Child Submittal copies details from the parent package

    • Proposal/Contract - Shows total for the Costs

    • Submittal: Subcontractor will be sent data on response

    • Drawing Log Revisions - Image now should appear

    • Re-Allocate Costs tool is now moving "Qty" correctly

    • Subcontract - Paid invoice amount calculation updated

    • Cost Analysis Column re-calculated

    • Projet Mgmt: Submittal Log added to list view

    • Project Mgmt: Kanban View enabled for RFis

    • Portal: Default user settings modified

    • Drawings / Specifications- Added Date Received field

    • Meeting Due Dates column added

    • Change Request: Smart Button Count updated


    •  Payslip: Display Time entries status

    • Payslip: Added Time entries smart button

    • Timesheet: Enable Regular, Overtime, Doubletime selections

    • Paycheck: Check Margin Configuration

    • Paycheck: Top Stub Check layout enabled

    • Union Benefit Quantity Calculations updated

    • HR: employee record - Home address fields added

    • Payroll Check: Details added

    • Payroll adjustments on paycheck

    • Paycheck: 2 new reports available


    • Accounting: Payment popup modification

    • Negative Invoice Issue

    • Accounting: Division/Department grouping

    • Budget creation - analytic account name