2018.41 Release Notes

New Features

  • Project sequences: global and job sequences

  • California Payroll

  • "Other Docs" smart button for Project Management

Enhancements/Bug Fixes


  • Allow Partner Attachments

  • Allow Employee Attachments

  • Resolved: Interface error after directory cleanup

  • Files with "#" "%" "!" (Characters) sign allowed

  • Product Search by Default_code

Project Management

  • Change Req: Markup calculations

  • Change Req: Define ad-dons on company settings (project management)

  • Change Req: Define Ad-dons on project (default from company)

  • Change Request: Create PCO

  • Change Req: Markups as new lines on PCO

  • Other Docs: Approval Tabs

  • Other Docs: Tree view options

  • Other Docs: Tree-view renamed from “PMI” to “Other Docs”

  • Other Docs: Global sequencing

  • Portal Users: New Security Groups

  • Subcontract Pay Retention Process creates AP invoice

  • Configuration > Formula Rules: Form is cleaned up

  • Daily report - now showing issues

  • Opportunity: Additional fields from opp

  • Pay App Reports - PCO summary

  • Submittal Package: Actions on Parent cause same action on Child

  • Append PDFs to Subcontract reports

  • RFI notification changes

  • Daily Log: Duplication action copies more data‘

  • Subcontract for’ field moved to similar position as in the PCO

  • Subcontract Retainage Total calculation updated

  • SCO report: Printed Date

  • Cost Analysis Report - SCO Amounts calculations fixed

  • Submittals: Spelling fixes

  • Drawing and Specifications have Division and Discipline fields

  • Add thumbnails to submittals and RFI report


  • Employee Contract - Personal Information

  • Employee record - Emergency Contact

  • Employee record - Ethnicity

  • Employee record - Drivers License Number

  • Employee record - Social Security Number

  • Employee Default Classification

  • Time sheet: default class

  • Payroll: Salary Rule Child

  • Payroll: Salary Rule Tree View

  • Payroll: Salary Rule Category Hierarchy View

  • Payroll Check: Appears on payslip

  • Paycheck Report - Union Benefits

  • Time Entry: Form View has new columns

  • Pre-Tax deductions on the Paycheck report


  • Add labels to the payment screen to more easily determine customer or vendor payment

  • Pay App: Company now defaults

  • Customer Payment - Transaction reference field